Fortitwo offers recessed luminaires that present 30% less energy usage than any competitor design currently available on the market.

shutterstock_178140719Adopting Fortitwo technology ensures:

  • Lighting can be easily installed or retrofitted with intelligent lighting controls
  • Light fittings can be individually controlled to turn on and off or dim the output as required
  • With light level sensors and presence detection, controls can be optimised to take advantage of natural daylight savings and maximise off periods, enhancing user environment
  • Maintenance costs will be virtually eliminated

Fortitwo Lighting technology will also play a significant role in helping commercial office landlords to comply with the Government’s Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards coming into mandatory effect for non-domestic properties in April 2018.

Find out how, and see how saving energy is a beautiful thing.

“Combining a creative and intelligent approach to lighting design”

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