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SmartiLumin LED Lighting Proven to Outshine The Best

A new comparison table proves FortisDay LED lighting produces a colour render index (CRI) of 93, light output and efficiencies of greater than 181 lumens per circuit watt, representing 30% less energy usage than any competitor design currently available on the market.

SmartiLumin is the latest breakthrough in innovation from the LED specialist, FortisDay, presenting a range of technologically advanced recessed luminaires.

When combined with an intelligent (automated) lighting system utilising daylight harvesting and occupancy sensors, use of SmartiLumin results in third party proven energy savings of up to 80% more than traditional fluorescents.

Says Robin Day, Chief Technical Officer at FortisDay: “SmartiLumin has been independently tested as a range that offers as close to natural daylight as is currently technologically possible, and astill presents maximum energy savings. Ultimately, it combines high performance, lighting efficiency with innovative design and style that can be incorporated into any retrofit programme.”

SmartiLumin is already becoming a popular choice for learning environments, where specification lighting requires calm environments created for the benefit of students, teachers and visitors. Commercial premises also see the benefits to conform to new Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) on energy saving compliance, which becomes law in 2018.

Another key sector is landlords to offer SmartiLumin LED lights to tenants, who have recently cited in a Tenant Happiness Survey* the rising cost of living as a major concern, and in doing so offer maximum energy and cost savings.

Robin added: “Upgrades to SmartiLumin makes commercial sense in any sector; but for schools, where lighting accounts for about 50% of the electricity bill, it can make a significant difference and have added ‘hidden advantages’ including eliminating flicker to help children with ADHD perform better.

“In the commercial sector, over 75% will fail to achieve the prescribed Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) required by Government of 2018 unless they act now. And where increasing numbers of us are relying on the rented sector, landlords who show an awareness of the issues faced are becoming the preferred choice. A simple switch to SmartiLumin can positively impact in each of these scenarios and more.”

The SmartiLumin recessed luminaire is available in various sizes including 600×600, 600×1200 and 300×1200. For more information, please visit or contact

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