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Lenta Properties Makes The Smart Switch To FortisDay LED Lighting

Specialist serviced office providers Lenta Properties has installed the latest LED lighting from FortisDay at its head office, to ensure best effect illuminated work environments for staff and visitors, alongside maximum energy savings.

As one of the largest providers of serviced office space in the UK, Lenta Properties’ mission is to provide the highest quality working environments to promote enterprise development.

To set a precedent across its office space in achieving high quality lighting and energy savings, Lenta Properties called upon the services of FortisDay, to undertake a free lighting advice and design service at its head office location.

Using registered RIBA designers, FortisDay carried out a full site survey, understanding the requirements of staff and visitors on site before recommending LED lighting solutions, including its SmartiLumin range, which was installed around working hours to minimise disruption.

Says Luke Stack, Estate and Asset Manager at Lenta Properties: “With the massive growth in the serviced office sector, the need to keep improving the quality and the competitive ability of our offering remains of paramount importance, so as to maintain a positive welcoming feel for tenants and retain their business.”

“Lighting is one area that can make a massive difference to the working environment.  Not only from an aesthetics perspective but also reduce glare and achieve many health and safety benefits, and gain energy savings.  FortisDay appealed to us as it offered complete services from design to installation.

“Overall the result with SmartiLumin installed was almost instant in creating a more natural lighting environment and we have already seen the bottom-line savings. So impressed, we are already in discussions with FortisDay to make the switch to LED Lighting across our serviced office locations.”

LED specialist FortisDay worked directly with Estate Managers on site at Lenta Properties Head Office right from the initial design process, understanding different room and lighting requirements before advising on the right LED lighting and installation works programme.

FortisDay installed its stylish SmartiLumin range, which utilises latest proven lighting technology to produce a colour render index (CRI) of 93 together with light output and efficiencies of greater than 152 lumens per circuit watt.

Robin Day, Chief Technical Officer at FortisDay added: “The serviced office sector has undeniably evolved into one of the fastest-growing sectors in the global commercial property market. To stay ahead of the competition, quality lighting is one feature that can change a working environment for the better.

“When the upgrade to LED lighting is planned properly using latest technology such as SmartiLumin, the result is not only a more visually appealing workplace for all who work or visit, but also significant savings can be achieved, in terms of energy and also that any maintenance requirements are virtually eliminated.  An all round smart solution as proven by its implementation at Lenta Properties.”

Lenta Properties provide office space to companies and businesses in 17 business centres across London and in Swindon and Watford. For more information, please visit www.lentabusinesscentres.co.uk

The SmartiLumin recessed luminaire is available in various sizes including 600×600, 600×1200 and 300×1200.  For more information, please visit www.fortitwo.co.uk or contact info@fortitwo.co.uk.