All children deserve to get the best possible start in life. That means creating an environment in schools where children can be calm and focused, and teachers can do their job effectively.

School BuildingFortitwo is working with schools across the globe to bring the specialist benefits of LED lighting to the classroom.

Schools, colleges and universities who have taken the decision to install modern LED lighting, have cited the following advantages:

  • Crucial to alertness, motivation, accuracy and the overall enjoyment of those working and learning in schools
  • Minimising work on the estates themselves
  • Best light levels to concentrate, the right colour gradients and the cooler temperatures provide a pleasant learning environment
  • Practical elimination of flicker; creating a calmer environment for students; with several studies even proving children with ADHD and similar conditions perform better
  • For classrooms or sports hall and pools, LED lighting reduces the risks associated with glare

LEDs can contribute differently across every facet of school life and set the scene for many different kinds of learning activity, from calmer light for reading to brighter in sports halls or theatres.

Talk to Fortitwo about the number of funding streams now available to help schools make the switch to LED lighting and see how using our technology, projects have been able to pay for themselves within 6 years through their annual energy savings.

See our latest case studies to demonstrate who saving energy is a beautiful thing for schools.

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